Monday, December 9, 2013

12/9/13: The High Illogical: A Collection of Strange Tales

Now available from A.A. Garrison: The High Illogical: A Collection of Strange Tales


“When I write bizarro fiction, my goal begins and ends with a concept I’ve come to know as ‘the High Illogical’ ...”

This isn’t your everyday weirdness. When it comes to the High Illogical, think David Lynch conducting Beethoven in space. Think sculpting mathematics into a prettier color. How might the Louisiana Purchase taste, Batman?

First appearing in various bizarre-friendly publications, these stories pursue the High Illogical in a whirlwind chase. Call them absurd. Call them grotesque. Call them outright incorrect. Just don’t call them normal, unless you want to see a book frown.

The preceding introduction is at least 50% untrue, perhaps more. This book’s true title is 'Dick’s TV,' and you’d do well to heed this, traveler. See prologue for details ...)

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