Saturday, December 14, 2013

12/14/13: A Conspiracy of HA!: Humorous Tales

A new short story collection from A.A. Garrison: A Conspiracy of HA!: Humorous Tales

“Laughter is a form of redemption.”

This is the credo of author A.A. Garrison, applied liberally to these stories in ‘A Conspiracy of HA!’ Under it, anything goes.

Earwax-loving aliens. Eyeball-chewing pets. Instructions on killing your zombified clone. Hypnotized boxers. How to get a free lunch using only creamer and a fork. Stephen King doing battle with a werewolf editor. Bridge-jumping, everyone’s doing it!

See it all and more in this diverse collection of 25 stories, which showcases A.A. Garrison’s quirky brand of humor. The conspiracy is real, and you’re the target!

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