Monday, October 17, 2011

10/17/11: Title Goes Here

Find my post-apocalyptic short story, "The Last Christmas", in issue #9 of Title Goes Here.


10/14/11: Deja Vu

My mother volunteered me to help one of her friends move. Okay. So I go and pick this guy up, along with a truckload of stuff, and then he directs me to his new place. As we turn from the highway, I comment on how the only time I've ever been down this road was, coincidentally, another time I was helping someone move, years previous.

As we creep down the road, I begin remembering more and more about the other time I'd been there, helping with a move-out rather than an -in, also for a parental acquaintance, also during the first spurt of fall.

We creep down the road, no, not this one, keep going.

When he at last said turn, and pointed me up a sloping drive way that I found familiar, I saw what was coming, and couldn't help but laugh, to the man's nonplus.

Sure enough, he stopped me at the very house I had years ago helped someone move from -- the very unit, in fact.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

10/13/11: Lenticular Redounds

I keep a ledger of interesting words to add to my vocabulary, which I read while eating, to maximize time. Today at lunch, I came across "redound" and "lenticular," and thought of how they were, by nature, two horrible words, and also how I had only seen them used once, in the novel I gleaned them from.

This afternoon, while reading, I came across both words, within an hour of lunch.

Thanks to just seeing them and reading the definitions, I understood their meaning.

10/9/11: Puppet Master

In an email from a friend of mine, she mentioned, in passing, the movie The Puppet Master. I had never seen this movie, and had heard of it maybe once, twenty-odd years ago, when I was a small child.

The next morning, while I read a book -- which I never, ever do (reading by morning, since I typically have other things to do then) -- I came across a passage which referenced the movie The Puppet Master.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

10/6/11: Publications

My short story, "The Treasons", was featured in this month's issue of Something Wicked.

Read it for free

Also, find another of my stories, "The Dep Tank", in Look What I Found, from Norgus Press, an anthology of stories involving found objects.

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