Thursday, November 28, 2013

11/28/13: The Storms of Pemberton

New fiction from A.A. Garrison: The Storms of Pemberton, a novel of paranormal horror.


Pemberton? Yeah, I been there. Take a right at the light, and you’ll see the sign. There’s not much to it, I’m afraid. Still, they got a right nice hospital, darned if I know why. It rains there, I hear.

Me? I don’t go down there, if I can help it.

You hear things about Pemberton, if you reckon. My cousin, Annie, she popped a flat coming down that valley last year, and, well ... I shouldn’t say no more about that, with her still in the psych ward.

You know they never did find that mayor that went missing? And he ain’t the only one – are all kinds of people who’ve got gone around Pemberton, if you can believe what you hear.

But, it don’t prove nothing, I suppose. You hear these things; but you hear lots of things. And as for Annie, she’s had her one right hard time, with the doctors talking about ‘post-trauma’ stress and delusions. And, well ... you hear lots of things.

I’ll say this, mister. If you’re heading through them parts, keep your windows up and your doors locked. And take a spare tire. Ain’t nobody should go around without a spare.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

11/19/13: Welcome to Ford

Now available: Welcome to Ford, a short story collection.


In this collection of 14 speculative short stories, author A.A. Garrison takes us to Ford, North Carolina, a sleepy little mountain town named after a Civil War deserter. Though out of the way, the town seems to attract an immoderate share of the fantastic and the macabre.

Amongst Ford’s citizens are:

  • Blake (“The Fifty”), who purchases revenge with a fifty-dollar bill
  • Candy Patrice (“Cloyed”), a young woman who adopts a most unorthodox diet-plan
  • Mara Dees (“Additive Free”), the unlikely star in a grisly scheme to appease visitors from outer space
  • Johannes Bitter (“Half Dead”), an undertaker with an exceptional case of lady trouble
  • Kay Barry (“The Minutes”), a woman on her way to a fateful real-estate closing
  • The Doctor (“See Sick”), a roving voyeur who sees more than he bargains for
  • Roy Mitchell (“The Imaginal”), a professional shipper who spends an enlightening night with himself
  • Frank Belmont (“Dead End”), who goes hunting for nostalgia and finds trouble
  • Patrick Timothy (“Hoodoo”), a Charlotte reporter investigating the mysterious Bailer cult headquartered in Ford
  • Brian (“Brian, Destroyer of Worlds”), who becomes the first man to commit murder by coffee
  • Zedok Crane (“The Package”), amnesic serial killer extraordinaire
  • Don Frangipani (“The Gardener”), Ford’s only retired cookbook author, and the victim of a subterranean horror’s malefic horticulture
  • And The Narrator (“The Center”), a man who saw the face of God and forgot his own name

But don’t let them scare you off. The town isn’t all bad. We’ll grab a bite at the Burger Boy and then see the Cado Kid show tonight. It’s really a fine little burg, a place you could settle down. Welcome to Ford.

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Monday, November 11, 2013

11/11/13: Other

Just released: Other, my new sci-fi novel!


Cross Ghost in the Shell with Alice in Wonderland, and you’ll come to appreciate Hildy’s situation.

What is the mysterious stone column? Where did it come from? And why did she have to find it? These are the questions which confront Ms. Hildy Turner, small-town dog groomer and the stone-column doohickey's unfortunate inheritor. There are no answers, but she knows this: pressing the column's end opens a doorway to another world, which she and her best friend have mistakenly entered. Can they find their way back home? And just what's with the dreamlike nature of the places they end up in?

It's a long, strange trip, with sidetracks into the future, the distant past, and everywhere in between, a journey that can only be described as other.

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