Monday, November 11, 2013

11/11/13: Other

Just released: Other, my new sci-fi novel!


Cross Ghost in the Shell with Alice in Wonderland, and you’ll come to appreciate Hildy’s situation.

What is the mysterious stone column? Where did it come from? And why did she have to find it? These are the questions which confront Ms. Hildy Turner, small-town dog groomer and the stone-column doohickey's unfortunate inheritor. There are no answers, but she knows this: pressing the column's end opens a doorway to another world, which she and her best friend have mistakenly entered. Can they find their way back home? And just what's with the dreamlike nature of the places they end up in?

It's a long, strange trip, with sidetracks into the future, the distant past, and everywhere in between, a journey that can only be described as other.

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