Thursday, July 12, 2018

Weekly Roundup 7/4-7/11/18

Keeping with the weekly roundup of various notable synchronicities that I started last week, here's the next installment, from 7/4-7/11/18 (yeah, I'm a few days late on this one -- a week-and-a-half roundup, then).

* * *

First off, from the 4th, an incident that is only mildly notable in itself, but is, instead, a good example of a specific, especially subtle kind I've been seeing a lot of lately: the "everyday little thing" recurrence, where I'll encounter some random, relatively common thing in a specific, patternistic fashion and timeframe. I'll often experience a dozen or more of these over the course of a day, and all with the exact same "feel" and behavior, as to be collectively notable when seen in this context.

[It began] last night in the Indian magazine when I read, again totally offhand, [an] article about “Carvel cakes,” which I again absently-but-specifically noticed, if only because it was either the first time ever or the first in a long time I'd ever encountered this – and then today, in that super-random market I'd been Compelled to go to after lunch, another where I had absolutely zero plans to be there, I happened across a cold case with Carvel cakes in it, and this happening due to a similarly random/absent wandering about in the deli/bakery area of the store, despite needing absolutely nothing along those lines from there – again fully patternistic, however “small” and common.

Next, from the 5th, a classic "radio echoing exactly what I was writing on a piece of paper, exactly as I made to write it"-type incident.

Had another of those single, stray, coherent echoes, this time a radio/”writing a note”-type one. It started when I went to write “hope” on a note I was about to leave, and then, precisely as I started the “h,” the radio randomly/singularly/patternistically sang out “I hope,” with the “hope” corresponding perfectly both with my starting the “h” and with my random/absent thought of “hope”

From the 6th, another of the many radio-echoes I've experienced, this one of a variety involving the actions of a random, totally separate person, such that the question of my own actions/psychology/biases doesn't even factor into it.

[It happened when] "out your window" [sang] from the radio precisely as I watched as, from the car directly in front of me, the driver put an arm out the window [and] tamped a cigarette, which I registered with the thought of something like "out the window," and again perfectly patternistic/precise in timing

And, from the 7th, yet another radio incident (I know, this is starting to read like last week's post -- there's just so many of these ...).

[It happened] literally immediately as I got in the car and began backing out. It started when I looked around before backing from the driveway, which I did in a weird, exaggerated way, sort of erratically swinging around in a way that surprised me, thus causing me to absently think "weird movement looking around like that/erratic looking-around" -- just before the first words over the radio sang out "look around you," less than a second later, as to not be perfectly synchronistic but to still echo the thought as it was crossing my mind, 100% patternistic of these as it were.

And ... another, the next day, and this one included because it was, more or less, exactly like the last one, right down to the type and circumstances and my actions at the time.

It happened at the exact same time, when I began backing from the driveway, this time beginning with my then being faced with deciding where to go to church since I had time to go to either one, thus causing me to think about the two and something like "got to choose now, since I'm leaving" -- precisely as "time has come to make a choice" sang randomly/singularly from the radio, with the only difference from yesterday's incident being that, first, this one was perfectly synchronistic rather than slightly delayed, and, second, the lyrics weren't quite the first over the radio, preceded by another, brief stanza.

Okay, no more radio stuff. From the 9th:

[It happened] when I got into the car after being outside in the heat and letting it idle with the A/C on, and upon getting hit with the drastically colder, contrasting air upon getting inside, I had the automatic/absent/registering thought of something like "Wow that's cold/I'm so suddenly cold" -- precisely as the very first words to come over the radio as I got in were "I feel so cold," another classical echo.

(I lied)

For the 10th: another radio-echo here, too, but only because it was the best, most "standout-ish" incident of the day.

It happened as a work truck pulling a long two-wheel trailer pulled out in front of me, first demanding my attention since I had to slow down for it, etc, and then, precisely as the truck completed its turn-out and its trailer hit a pothole, thus causing it to bounce conspicuously and thus causing me to absently/automatically register this with a thought of something like "bouncing," the ad on the radio randomly said "bouncing houses," and again such that the "bouncing" and my instantaneous, heat-of-the-moment thought coincided in that perfect, intertwined fashion, also 100% patternistic of these.

Alright, this last one, on the 11th, is another echo-type incident, but now involving a nearby stranger and the text of a book.

Towards the end of lunch, started to have a few super-super-subtle-type of those same extremely fuzzy and indirect/fleeting echoes as I've been having, and then, just before I was done, had a cool standout. It started when I randomly came to "two to two" in the book, and Noticed this in particular, patternistically and illogically and subtly but distinctly -- a split second before a man sitting nearby randomly said, "two point two," another of those with a slight delay but less than a second, just long enough for me to distinctly Notice the "two to two" and register it, then get "smacked" with the man's reasonably precise echo of the "two twos" underlying sentiment (which also jibes with the general uptick of 22s I've still been seeing off and on the last couple weeks or so, which would continue on today here and there as well).

(And, for anyone interested in the many, many other incidents not singled out in this post: read the full, unedited log of my experiences, at