Friday, August 3, 2018

Weekly Roundup 7/13-7/20/18

The latest bunch of some select standout incidents of synchronicity I've experienced, for 7/13/18-7/20/18 (written after the fact, as it were, but better late than never ...):

Here, from 7/13, we have a highly notable example of the "reading recurrence" variant of the phenomenon, in which I somehow encounter a fully random, yet specific, thing, almost always for the first time in months or years or ever, only to have it recur soon after, as explicitly and randomly. Log entry:

[...] This one started, rather than ended, with that same magazine and that same article about the American Latinos, in which it talked about a man who, first, had become a city council member at notably young age (19), and then, second, was a minority at that (Latino), and then, third, the article also mentioned offhand how the man wanted to be president someday. Then, at lunch in the book, I came to a chapter that introduced a character that was a minority (black) who'd become a city council member at a notably young age (23) and had aspirations of becoming president someday, and was even in a club called The Future Presidents of America or something like that -- all totally objective, totally random and unconnected and unadvertised/impossible that I'd previously been cued or subconsciously informed of these things, etc, etc.

Now, from the 14th, another reading-related incident, except of a slightly different variant, this one involving the instant recurrence of something I was randomly, yet separately and independently, thinking or experiencing immediately beforehand, as to create an "echo" effect. The long-winded, scattered-brained entry:

It was a classical "page-turn"/"objective thought echoed a split second later on a previously invisible turned-to magazine page"-type one, this one starting when I had this big long random chain of thought that ended with what I might have for lunch tomorrow, thus causing me to think that I had to have that sweet potato I'd pureed for lunch due to it needing refrigeration and my having to travel tomorrow afternoon, etc, thus causing me to automatically/absently/patternistically visualize the puree in its jar, which, when I'd poured it in that morning, had sort of mounded up into a taper rather than filling the jar from side to side, due to its richness and creaminess, and also I remembered absently how brightly orange it was, coming from that particularly orange breed of potato -- and then, once again at the precise instant that this visualization unfolded in my mind and "crossed" my mind, I turned the page and was immediately struck by a big, detailed picture of a Halloween cupcake with bright-orange icing -- the *exact* same, specific, conspicuous shade of orange that my potato puree had shown in my mind, and, even more incredible, it was *mounded up atop the cupcake,* in the exact same tapered/pyramid shape that the puree had formed in the jar. And, yet again, the page had been 100% invisible to me when I'd had this thought, and with nothing foreshadowing it on the previous page/nothing even about sweet potatoes or puree or any possible subconscious cue however slight or subtle, just a perfect-yet-100%-random/object and perfectly synchronistic/intertwined echo of my exact thought more or less.

Next up, from 7/15: a similar "instant random-thought echo"-type incident, except this one recurred by way of the radio:

[...] Having a long, random, but fully objective and distinct chain of thought end with my thinking about the skin inflammation and that general hellish super-high/uncomfortable body-heat condition I was having particularly bad at the time, thus causing me to think about my dependence on air-conditioning despite my best efforts to tolerate the inflammation and react well, ending with a vague thought of something like “I'll just have to be dependant [sic] on air-conditioning until I can react better or something changes, as imperfect and unsustainable as that is” – just before “You need coolin'!” sang from the radio, and this coming in that loose, ~1-second-delay fashion but still close enough, and literally/non-contextually precise enough, not to matter

And, from 7/16, a behaviorally identical one, albeit with a surreal bilingual twist (of which I've experienced multiple times, in other incidents, as it were):

[This one happened] when I came across the sign for the Dos Amigos Mexican restaurant and registered it with an absent thought of “'amigo' is 'friend' in Spanish,” about a half-second before “a friend” came as singularly and randomly over the radio
 From the 18th: another radio/random-thought incident (this one an exceptionally good, notable example of the dozens upon dozens I've experienced over the years):

[It happened] when I was on the way to the gym and I had the thought of whether I'd be okay wearing my jeans there or if they'd require me to wear some gym-type clothes, thus causing me to automatically/absently/patternistically visualize my black jeans specifically – perfectly synchronistic with the radio randomly/singularly singing out “dark jeans,” again not only perfectly timed and patternistically consistent with the day's specific kind of these sort of echoes, but echoing the “dark” jeans specifically, not only the “jeans” sentiment but the charcoal-colored ones that I was wearing and visualizing at that precise instant, ha ha

Now, from the 19th, another echo, but of a different, even more-surreal kind, that which I've termed the "nearby-stranger" variant, in which the echo arrives by way of a nearby, unconnected person, doing or saying something that directly reflects what I was thinking or saying or doing (or, in this case, reading):

[A] fuzzy/loose/indirect/slightly delayed nearby stranger/reading echo at lunch, when a woman came to the counter just next to me and said randomly to the person there, “That peanut butter smoothie is to die for,” about .5-1 second before I came to the sentence, “The other day, I binged on spoonfuls of peanut butter,” and this one not only echoing the general “peanut butter” sentiment but also the vague additional sentiment of it being luxurious/desirous/an indulgence, also 100% consistent with so many of these that I've been seeing in this latest “chapter” of the [activity]

And, finally, from the 20th, a pair of echoes (yes, more, because I just experience that many):

[It] was a thought/event echo in the market, [when] I was called over to the next line unexpectedly by the cashier opening there, thus causing me to give this delayed/soupy/"wha?"-type response that I automatically registered as something like "dopey/odd response/you sounded weird," precisely as, upon turning to go to the register, I came face to face with a Snickers bar with "AWKWARD" written across it as some of these do [...]

[This one happened] during the afternoon drive on the highway, beginning when the radio randomly sang out about someone who "went off to fight for Uncle Sam," thus causing me to automatically/absently think "military" and "army" and related sentiment, with this coming simultaneously with my changing lanes in order to let a conspicuous tail-gating car pass -- and then, a split second after the lyric and as the military thoughts were still patternistically crossing my mind, the car passed fully and thus "revealed" an "ARMY" bumper sticker directly in the upper-right-hand corner of its rear window, such that it "struck" me/"invaded" the direct piece of space I was looking at at the time, and 100% invisible beforehand, 100% precise ...