Tuesday, December 31, 2013

12/31/13: The Shining Horrific - Volume II

Sequel to A.A. Garrison's collection of horror stories: The Shining Horrific, Volume II


Author A.A. Garrison continues to showcase his “darkly radiant” brand of horror, by venturing back into the macabre terrain traveled in the original Shining Horrific. Volume II expands upon its predecessor with several stories of a hybrid bent – sci-fi, a dark Western, classic zombie romps, and the bizarre-grotesque  – as well as delivering more of the original collection’s pure-horror fare.

Some choice selections from Volume II:

  • The no-holds-barred hysteria aboard a crashing plane (“Confession”)
  • A delusional man attempting to reformat time using the dynamite strapped to his chest (“The Bad Season”)
  • A zombie-apocalypse survivor risking life and limb for a most precious commodity (“The Gift”)
  • The secrets we harbor and the tangled webs we weave (“The Witness”)
  • Two ill-fated strangers who just can’t seem to keep away from one another (“A Cloud Over The Sun”)
  • A priest who steals cars and runs down his enemies to prove he isn’t insane (“Not Insane”)
  • A serial killer with access to a ghoul that feeds on human flesh, a match made in Heaven (“Hair”)
  • There’s nothing under the stairs, no matter how much they bleed (“There’s Nothing Under The Stairs”)
  • An intelligent robot + a lightning strike = bad news for the child under the robot’s care (“William”)
  • A child-at-heart and his dual-gender imaginary friend, faced with bringing a murderer to justice (“The General”)

There are nineteen tales in all, comprising a novel-length read. With a careful mix of involving novelettes and just-long-enough shorts, there’s something for everybody.

Now, once again come explore that twilight country of the shining horrific ...
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