Sunday, December 22, 2013

12/22/13: The Shining Horrific

Yet another new eBook from A.A. Garrison: The Shining Horrific: A Collection of Horror Stories, Volume I


Author A.A. Garrison has a knack for horror, as this collection of stories attests. Not fitting comfortably in the realm of “psychological” or “intelligent” horror, his brand of the macabre falls into a subtler niche, one that might be considered “darkly radiant.”

Call it “the shining horrific,” if you must have a label.

Included amongst these 23 tales:

  • Danger and ruin from a “free” gift (“The Briefcase”)
  • A fearful father’s poisonous need (“Need”)
  • Insomniac cat-and-mouse in the Appalachian foothills (“Insomnia”)
  • A social club of the highest stakes (“War”)
  • The predatory love between a serial killer and his demon (“A Kind of Love”)
  • An accident victim and his imaginary friend, seeking vengeance (“Him”)
  • A non-psychotic who finds himself the world’s last hope against “monsters” (“Monsters”)
  • An eight-year-old with a memory too keen for his own good (“Nothing Bad Has Ever Happened Here”)
  • A priest led to divine murder in a heathen city (“One of Them”)
  • A holiday with the darkest past (“Riottaba”)
  • A man awakes to find himself hung in a strange cage in an even stranger place (“The Gibbet”)
  • A downward spiral begun by an innocent beer (“Mistake”)

And many more. Ranging from flash fiction to novelettes, from the quiet to the messy, from the everyday to the fantastic, the stories in The Shining Horrific cover a diverse literary terrain, sure to please any audience.

Now, come explore that twilight country of the shining horrific ...

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