Thursday, April 9, 2015

4/9/15: Numbers ... Again

The numbers were after me again.

73. 37. 1137. 317. 1703. They would vary in this manner, as if to mock me, but the underlying phenomenon always shone through. And shine it did, for on that morning when I went to the store, the numbers were repeating like crazy, appearing everywhere I looked, whether I wanted to see them or not.

Even the grocery store wasn't beyond their reach.

In the checkout line, I stayed poker-faced when the man in front of me rung up a total of $31.17, as announced by the cashier. Yet, despite everything, there was still a voice of dissent in my head: Just a coincidence. If not, then shouldn't your total be seventy-three-something, too?

It came my turn. I handed over my few purchases. The cashier rung them up -- and the total avoided 73 in all forms. I was neither pleased nor displeased. My total was $17.27, as it were. I produced a twenty, and took up my bag.

Then the cashier gave me my change, coins first. "Seventy-three cents," she said, before silently handing over two dollar bills.

I held my laughter until the parking lot.


  1. I bought your Synchronicity book the other day and half way through it. Very good so far. I will write a review on Amazon when I finish. I was think of my review and how some phycisists think we may be living in a simulation. I was leaving to go to lunch and was thinking about the rusty bumper story. I was think reality may be constructed with non physical struts, kinda like in modern buildings of glass where the load bearing structures are not apparent. I was thinking of the rusty bumpers as the connecting feature in your event. Right when I thought of RUSTY BUMPER my eyes passed over a rusty van bumper in our parking lot. Almost all bumpers are plastic. Anyway hope to send more ides your way.

  2. Hello, Mr. Martin!

    First, thanks so much for checking out the 'Synchronicity' book (and equally so for a review)! Second, I take great pleasure in hearing that you've gotten something from it. And, third, I absolutely love your 'rusty bumper' synchronicity (which, indeed, a synchronicity it does appear to be), especially the fact that it's another of those "synchronicity about a synchronicity"-type incidents. I had to laugh. Also, the glass-building analogy: that is a nicely elegant way of putting it. I might just have to "borrow" it ...

    (And as for the possibility that we are experiencing a highly vivid, all-inclusive simulation ... I'll put it this way: that idea would not be foreign to me. Not foreign at all, sir.)

    Aaron Garrison