Monday, January 20, 2014

1/20/14 - Accidental Literature: Stories

Accidental Literature: Stories - a collection of A.A. Garrison's literary forays.


In this collection: 19 short stories of a literary bent.

Variety defines these stories. From dark to light, humorous to dead serious, experimental to traditional, flash-length to novelette, these 19 selections from author A.A. Garrison fulfill a mixed spectrum of tastes and styles. No two are alike, and surprises abound.

Included in Accidental Literature:

  • A drug addict’s quirky pursuits (“Tomorrow”)
  • A beautiful young murderer asks, “Is anyone innocent?” (“Innocent”)
  • If a brutal dictator must have one thing, it’s the right anthem (“An Anthem for Chen”)
  • A fatal traffic accident as seen from multiple points of view (“Mirrors”)
  • A San Francisco quake brings gifts in strange and romantic wrappings (“Ketu Says Hi (Or, She Laughs at Earthquakes)”)
  • The hellish trials of a sick man awaiting healing (“The Waiting”)
  • A videotape containing a sinister crime against a child, and the question of what to do with it (“The Videotape”)
  • The world as seen through the kaleidoscopic eyes of a chronic alcoholic (“Alcoholism and Bad Sex”)

Plus 11 more literary tales, all executed in A.A. Garrison’s quietly loud fashion.

Be taken by these words. Be seduced. Be offended. Be wowed.

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