Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1/15/14: What Is and What Could Be: Tales of Imagination

A new short story collection from A.A. Garrison: What Is and What Could Be: Tales of Imagination

Sometimes the best fiction defies all labels. That’s why these stories are called, simply, “tales of the imagination.”

In this collection of 15 diverse selections from author A.A. Garrison, the reader is introduced to a broad expanse of literary territory, ranging from sci-fi to crime to post-apocalyptic ruminations, including some outright weirdness and a no-apologies zombie romp.

Included in this slideshow of imagination:

  • One man’s disgusting, but lucrative, enterprise (“Bestseller”)
  • A young woman’s government-sponsored birth and its sinister mystery (“Immaculate Conception”)
  • When only a select few are saved from the end of the world, what about those left behind? (“Passed Over”)
  • A man who discovers endless pleasure, only to lose it and learn from the experience (“The Discipline Ball”)
  • A blind murder’s long, strange road to incarceration (“Windows to the Soul”)
  • A big, spinning wheel in the sky could only be an alien-controlled UFO, right? (“Wheel in the Sky”)
  • America’s downfall arriving not by fire or ice, but caffeine withdrawal (“Caffei-nation”)
  • The saga of a guardian angel disguised as an evil cat (“Lucky”)

And more! Comprising a full, novel-length read, this collection is guaranteed to satisfy most literary appetites. After all, isn’t all fiction about imagining what is and what could be?

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