Saturday, May 12, 2012

5/12/12: Thanks for the gloves

I cut grass. I wear gloves when I cut grass. Since March, when I started cutting grass for the season, I've needed new gloves. However, since I must cut the grass to get the money to get new gloves, I have been going without.

Yesterday, I got my first paycheck of the season, so I planned on buying my new gloves today.

Unfortunately, as it turned out, the place from which I buy such things closes early on Saturdays, and I would had to have made a special, early trip to town to get there on time. Needing new gloves, I almost did this, but was Compelled not to, despite it meaning a delay on said gloves. Strange, since I really, really needed some new gloves.

Today was busy. Since getting paid yesterday, I went about buying all the things that had failed to materialize magically in my cupboard or refrigerator these last couple months. After all was said and done, however, I decided to get one more thing, from a certain supermarket (I almost didn't go, having shopped myself tired, but I felt Compelled to, as much as I'd been repelled from buying the gloves this morning). As I did my business and left this supermarket, I was alerted to something in the parking lot: a glove, lying in a gutter.

I almost ignored it. But then I thought, if there's one glove, maybe there's two.

When I stopped and went back, there were in fact two. As it turned out, they were the thin, tight-fitting kind used for yard work, advertising a brand of tools. They were a little dirty, from being discarded in a gutter, but were otherwise in good shape. They fit perfectly.

A pair of gloves: $15
Finding a pair of gloves on the very day I nearly bought some: Priceless

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