Friday, April 27, 2012

4/27/12: Oh, you clever bees, you!

The bees first found me some years ago. And so clever they were, enough to infiltrate a certain window in my bedroom, despite it being closed and screened-in. Every morning upon waking, I would find one of the dastardly little creatures trapped inside, smashing himself between the screen and the glass.

I invested much time in trying to explain this miracle -- searching for a nest, a hole, a teleporter -- but they were just too clever for me.

And now, after years of dormancy, the phenomenon has returned: this morning, I was alerted to the same window by the furious buzzing of its captive bee.

But I know how it happened -- I'm wise to you guys! Just last night, I wrote to a friend of mine about the mystery bees of yesteryear -- the first I related the story to anyone, as it were.

The bees have a tap on my email.

And now that they know that I know, they've returned.

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