Saturday, April 7, 2018

This Is My Normal

It happened in a supermarket parking lot.

I was walking through the rows of cars, occupied with troubled thoughts of ill-health and car issues and other things rooted in the past and the future -- that is, anything but the present moment, which involved a particularly lovely Spring day that my internal conflict had blinded me to.

Realizing this, I silenced my mind and, thus, soaked in the priceless weather and its bounty, with a thought of Just live now, in the moment. Let it be.

Not two seconds later, the scrap of paper caught my eye.

It was feet away, a random piece of litter in the gutter of the sidewalk I'd just mounted, just one of the multitude cast off by folks coming and going to a busy supermarket as I was at the time. But this one in particular just Jumped Out at me, in a distinct way I've experienced many times before, yet am unable to accurately describe.

So I picked it up, finding it to be a fortune-cookie fortune -- one which echoed exactly what I'd just thought, even as the sentiment was still crossing the forefront of my mind.

(And, no, I couldn't possibly have read the fortune ahead of time and been subconsciously influenced, both due to the fact that, first, I'd begun the chain of thoughts at the other end of the parking lot, as to be totally objective and independent; and, second, the paper and its text were so small, they only became readable after I'd picked up the fortune and brought it to my face, impossible to have been readable by me even peripherally ...)

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