Sunday, March 26, 2017

Meet the Involuntary Bodily Function Synchronicity

Yep, the "involuntary bodily function" synchronicity.

No, it's not a new drug, nor a new band (yet). Rather, the IBF is a variant of my life's ongoing synchronistic phenomena, the latest to repeat itself regularly and distinctly enough to present a pattern (and, to coin a rather icky-sounding term). I've discovered the IBF, you could say; and, thanks to its amusing (and quite personal) nature, it's come to be my favorite. (And, yes, it says much that I have a favorite type of synchronistic event.)

As documented previously, the IBFs I've experienced are just as their dinner-table-unfriendly title would suggest: right as my body randomly performs some automatic function that I couldn't induce if I tried -- that function is somehow echoed in external, objective reality, usually with a randomness and spontaneity that is equally impossible to orchestrate, even using the superhuman abilities of the subconscious mind (or so as the subconscious is currently defined, at least). Whether it's my reading "rumbling guts" precisely as I experience a surprise rumbling of the guts, or more-complex occurrences still ... well, you get the idea.

So, with that introduction made, here's a recounting of my most-recent adventures in IBF Land, in case you find them as eerily amusing as I do.

As quoted verbatim from my log:

"[...] And then, at dinner, another single incident, this one of those 'involuntary bodily function being echoed precisely by book,' when I swallowed a bite of dinner wrong and sort of gulped down air with the food, making me gag and cough a little -- precisely as I read 'sucking air' in the "Blood in the Cage" book, which was exactly what I did when swallowing the food, taking in air and saliva with it in a distinct way, and again with the two events corresponding with such precision that I couldn't see it being any sort of psychological suggestion except for maybe the most deeply subconscious, borderline-esp kind (though even this fades in possibility when the incident's patternistic element is taken into account)."


"[...] Really the only thought synchro I can think of was a pretty cool and notable standout just after lunch, when the headsickness began to lift a little and I distinctly relaxed/felt that morning's traumatic/shocked tension noticeably lifting in that vital and fundamental way -- and then, precisely as this occurred, a car pulled out in front of me, revealing a license plate reading 'AT EEEEZ,' reflecting perfectly both what had just occurred with me along with my distinct thoughts of what had just occurred (sort of a combination 'involuntary bodily function' and 'normal' thought synchro)."


"Had a little cluster of 'late'-type reading/thought synchros at dinnertime reading tonight too [...] One coherent example: randomly and suddenly having my liver churn and thus thinking about bile flowing through it and my gall bladder, and how maybe the liver supplements I've been taking are working -- a split second before I read 'the gall' in the book, haha."


"Did have a pretty cool 'involuntary bodily function'-type standout, coming suddenly out of nowhere almost immediately after I sat down to eat. Once I'd swallowed the second bite of lunch and the ginger in it hit me, giving me a little head-rush and noticeably clearing my lungs and making it easier/'cleaner' to breathe as it often does -- a split second later, I read 'could breathe a little easier' in the "Starvation Heights" book, not quite perfectly synchronistic but very close, and 100% accurate/precise too, not to mention totally objective, with it hinging completely on the external/independent event of my eating two particularly gingery bites and having its effects hit me precisely then."

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