Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Synchroshock -- the book!

So, here's something of a trip: a book that contains this blog ... posted on this blog.


We've all experienced coincidences.

Yes, some have explanations. Buy a certain car and suddenly you're seeing them everywhere -- selective perception. Get hungry for a certain food soon after seeing its advertisement -- subconscious suggestion. However, then there are those other kind of coincidences, the ones that are just a tad too ... coincidental. When it comes to these, one can't help but wonder: Is there something more than meets the eye, something going on behind the scenes of reality? There, we enter the realm of the "synchronicity."

I, Aaron Garrison, have experienced many such suspiciously coincidental coincidences. So many, in fact, that I began logging them -- and, eventually, blogging them. This book is, simply, a compilation of that data, reading as a personal diary of dozens upon dozens of incidents that all beg the question, "What are the odds?!"

In ‘Synchroshock,’ discover where coincidence ends and synchronicity begins.

Essentially, it's a free eBook version of this blog, offered as a convenience, for free (at vendors which don't require a .99 cent minimum price, at least).

Grab the eBook here:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo (free) | Lulu (free) | Smashwords (free)

Get the Print-on-Demand version here (book is big, and thus costly to print):

Lulu | Createspace

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