Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Cards Resume

So, I found another playing card.

The playing cards were from an earlier epoch of my synchronicity adventures. In summary, I found several, about a pinochle-hand's worth, all in variously unlikely ways (at times remarkably so, in the way these things happen, as to demand, and keep, my attention). This long-winded incident spanned several months; then, without prelude, it suddenly stopped. At the time I received the last card, I had made no real sense of it all. When no more cards came, without yielding their meaning in a big, Hollywood-style reveal, I felt to be on the other end of a rudely clicked phone.

And then today, two years later, here comes another card.

It arrived as abruptly and unexpectedly as the originals' arrival and departure. The card was in a parking lot, lying directly in my path as I exited my vehicle and made for a store (just like the others had been, more or less). Need I say that I'd felt absolutely Compelled to be at this shopping center on this day, despite it being far out of my way and a general pain in the butt to reach? By now, that goes without saying.

 But, you might be thinking, how do you know the card wasn't just a random piece of litter?

A good point, and not at all wrong, since I'm sure that perfectly good playing cards get thrown away every day, and for perfectly logical and unfantastic reasons. However, there are reasons why I felt my find to be notable. Besides its arriving in a similar, patternistic fashion to its similar, multiple predecessors, there is one striking fact about my finding this particular card: it bore a striking resemblance to not one, but two of its previously-found siblings. Namely, these three cards (all found randomly, separately, and in conspicuously similar ways) depicted a knight with sword, mounted on a horse.

When I first picked up this latest card, I smiled. And then, seeing the unmistakable "Knight of Swords" archetype in its image, I laughed, quite loudly. To anyone else in the parking lot, I might've looked to have picked up a winning lottery ticket.

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