Monday, November 10, 2014

11/8/14: Gunshots

I was outside, reading.

At one point, I reached a page about gunshots, how some were heard but went unreported.

I wouldn't report a gunshot, either, I thought, considering how many there are around here, from target practice and the like.

Immediately following this thought, a gunshot rang out from nearby -- the first in days, when it had previously been silent. I gave pause, smiling, and made no report.

But this incident wasn't finished, for not a minute later, it happened again: two paragraphs down, precisely when I read "the sound of gunfire," a second shot sounded, coinciding in perfect sync. I couldn't have timed the two events better had I a gun rigged to a button.

Those were the first two gunshots I'd heard that day, and the only until later on, when I was past the book's mention of gunshots.

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