Saturday, June 21, 2014

6/21/14 - The Divide

New suspense novel from A.A. Garrison: The Divide

Our world is filled with triangles. Structural triangles. Love triangles. That curiously understated musical instrument. Also, there are triangles of destruction, those which lock their points in a dangerous unity. 
Such is the triangle formed by the men of Boyd Street, nestled in the idyllic Appalachian mountains. 
Daniel Black is sick, out of work, and desperate. Malcolm Deal faces old age and its burdens, and an all-consuming need. Marky Joiner courts a deadly obsession with his next-door neighbor. Appearances aside, the men's struggles share a common thread: all stem from a divided mind, and the mental blind spots which accompany it. 
This is Boyd Street's fateful triangle, unsuspected in its quiet corner of the world. Only one man will emerge from it alive.

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