Friday, August 30, 2013

8/30/13: Robert Anton Wilson and Carl Jung

On the morning in question, I was working on a new book. The book was about synchronicity.

When I finished writing for the morning, I ended with this sentence: "This would introduce me to the work of prominent psychologist Carl G. Jung, who coined the term “synchronicity.”"

Immediately after finishing with my writing, I felt strongly Compelled to go to Twitter and make a daily tweet, even though I ritually do this only in the evening. Upon going to, however, I was stopped by a new tweet from @Robert_A_Wilson, on my followers list: "Carl Jung got me interested in synchronicity, or maybe synchronicity led me to Carl Jung."

Between my writing of Jung and synchronicity, then reading of them, mere minutes had elapsed. This got my attention. Then, realizing the humor inherent in the incident, I laughed.

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