Tuesday, November 8, 2011

11/7/11: Bad Memory

I went on vacation last week, and when I got home, I had two pieces of mail: a check for some work I'd done, and a piece of junk mail from Allstate Insurance.

I opened the junk mail first, though I was thinking of the check, what (I thought) would be for $336.

Thus came synchronicity #1: The letter from Allstate informed me, in a shouting headline, that I could save up to $336 on my car insurance.

Synchronicity #2 came almost simultaneously: My mother, who thought I was opening my check, asked me how much I got -- funny, because, look here, the insurance letter I just opened says $336, the amount of the check you were asking about.

When I finally opened the check, however, was the funniest part: it wasn't for $336, but $366, thirty dollars more. And I knew this, actually, it's just, in the seconds before I opened the insurance letter, I misremembered it as $336, the exact amount announced inside.

It evoked Johnny Carson in a big feathery hat.

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